HCG diet for weight loss- how it works?

When people suffering from obesity decide to finally lose weight, there are many options available which they can consider. Exercise is the most common option to lose weight. But many people do not have time to exercise and go to the gym and it is a hard thing to do. People want something simple and less tiring. HCG diet is an effective, simple and a very popular way to reduce weight these days. It is not at all tiring and you do not have to sweat hours in the gym. This diet is highly effective and is recommended by people all over the world.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which is produced in the body of a pregnant woman in her pituitary gland. e4s hcg increases the release of fat stored from abnormal fat reserves, but is not attributed to decrease any storage of fat in the body. In case, the hypothalamus of body is not working in right manner, it may lead to constant hunger, intense craving for food, and low level of metabolism and storage of abnormal level of fat in the body. The HCG hormone in our body makes the body to break down any excess fat. The hormone tricks it to imagine that it is receiving calories, when the reality is that it is just using the saved fat of the body for the required fuel.

The HCG program that uses homeopathic HCG drops is a relative newcomer to the weight loss arena but is extremely popular in some circles.  It is the safest way to take HCG. HCG homeopathic drops, helps in correctly metabolize stored fat in a way that allows you to lose weight rapidly.

How HCG diet works?

The effectiveness of HCG diet in weight control when taken in combination with a diet which is calorie restricted, was first discovered by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons (1900-1970). The HCG diet currently used these days is based on the same version as that of Dr. Albert Simeons.

There are two steps involved in this diet. First is to take the HCG diet daily for two to three times a day. Secondly, the daily calorie intake of the user has to be restricted to five hundred calories per day. The HCG diet can be taken orally or it is also available in the injectable form.

The HCG drops are consumed by taking them beneath your tongue since that part is a place that will permit the homeopathic HCG to be engrossed quickly into your blood stream. There is not any flavor to it or any taste. It does not have any bad odor and is very simple to consume. Exactly fifteen drops are to be taken by you, for thrice a day. The finest method to identify that you are receiving accurately fifteen drops is to count them while watching in a mirror or by pouring them into a tablespoon or a medicine cup and then taking it underneath your tongue.  The drops are to be taken at least twenty to twenty-five minutes prior to your lunch time or twenty minutes after you have your meal.

Some users experience a slight burning sensation or tingle after consuming these drops. This is due to the presence of alcohol in these drops but the sensation goes after few seconds of consuming it. Some people feel that the drops are slightly bitter but it is normally the alcohol that they taste which is bringing bitterness to these drops. It is advised to get into the routine of consuming the drops each day at the same time so that you will not fail to recall.

Benefits of HCG diet

The HCG diet diminishes appetite and aids you reduce weight while helping you in retaining your muscles. The result can be seen very quickly and you can reduce up to two pounds every day. There are no serious side effects concerned with this diet and hence, are safe to use. However, you have to be disciplined and take these drops daily if you wish to see the desired result. Being overweight can really affect the self-esteem and confidence of a person in a negative way. HCG diet can help you in bringing the confidence back.